Cosmic Guitar

Unleash the music of the universe.

From the labs of Cosmic Studio comes the Cosmic Guitar app, pioneering a new generation of musical instruments tuned to the harmony of high-frequency electromagnetic waves. While it crafts melodies, these aren’t normally audible as conventional sounds due to the nature of the waves it produces. We use our expertise in physics and software to make it easy to apply these new instrument tones to your music.

Cosmic Art

Experience expressions through science and art.

While science unveils the universe’s mysteries, art offers profound interpretations and emotional connections. When science is the art, our emotional response enriches our understanding and experiences with the wonders of the universe, showcasing that knowledge and expression are intrinsically linked. At the crossroads of science and art, discovery meets expression, merging meticulous logic with boundless creativity.

Python + pysat

Unlock streamlined data analysis with a unified UI.

The Python Satellite Data Analysis Toolkit (pysat) brings the versatility of music recording to data science. Produce clean machine learning-ready data, or any other data processing task, using a variety of data sources with differing requirements. Created to deal with operational and research science needs for NASA and Department of Defense satellite missions, pysat has the rigor and flexibility to handle any data science.

Cosmic Drums

Feel the beat and unleash your musical genius.

Photonic musical instruments offer the potential of a whole new range of materials and shapes to create musical tones. It could be that almost all of them work well as drums. We plan to find out and share the best.

Coming soon...

Cosmic Bass

Make music like never before.

The electric bass enabled the rock’n roll revolution. The acoustic bass was simply too quiet to complement a vociferous drum kit and electric guitars with the full range of effects. The Cosmic Bass is resonant akin to an acoustic instrument and is made of electricity. It is almost time to power a new music revolution.

Coming soon....

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