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A Universe of Expressions

Cosmic Art reframes the plasma physics in the Earth’s magnetic field as art. Each image is the direct result of calculations from Orthogonal Magnetic Multipole Basis Vectors (OMMBV), science software invented by Dr. Russell Stoneback. OMMBV provides our first accurate window into plasma-neutral interactions for complex magnetic fields and is used by the Ionospheric Connection (ICON) Explorer and the Constellation of Satellites for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate (COSMIC-2) satellite missions.

All images have been calculated at high resolution and use colors that ensure accurate and accessible representations of the underlying physics. While understanding the complexity of ion-neutral interactions typically requires years of math, physics, and programming expertise, this artwork provides visual insights on near-Earth plasma physics without the studying.

Cosmic Art:
New Frontier Collection

Exploring the plasma frontier.

This collection celebrates solving the physically impossible, the creation of a vector basis and associated coordinate system suitable for calculating plasma physics in complex magnetic fields. This scientific achievement not only provides a foundation for the next generation of plasma physics models, measurements, and understanding, but makes it possible for everyone to appreciate this unseen wonder in our universe.

Cosmic Art:
Geodetic Earth Collection

A celebration of realistic bodies.

This collection celebrates the inclusion of Earth’s actual shape when exploring the science of plasma electrodynamics. The rotation of the Earth causes the equatorial region to bulge and the poles to squeeze. In honor of the Earth’s true shape these pieces draw attention to the midline.

Cosmic Art:
Apex Prime Collection

Unparalleled views from the top.

There is nothing like the view from the top of the world. These images offer us a glimpse of the Earth that plasma experiences at the apex, the highest point along a geomagnetic field line.

Cosmic Art:
Dash Dash Dot Dot Collection

Expressions of an uncertain world.

This collection explores the uncertainty of the world expressed using dots, dashes, segments, and lines.

Cosmic Art:
Veracity Collection

Truth matters.

The truth matters. The images in this collection provide direct evidence that Dr. Stoneback’s new magnetic basis is correct despite previous assertions such a solution was not possible. The images provide a reminder that claims about reality require evidence and that real progress requires a constant search for the truth.

Cosmic Art:
Perception Collection

Perceptual limits.

Each image in this collection is presented twice, once as absolute magnitude, the other normalized. The varying differences between the images serve as a visual reminder that we must separate our perceptions of the world from the underlying reality.

Cosmic Art:
Inspiration Collection

Where it started.

Spaceflight technology provided humanity the first opportunity to look back at the Earth from space rather than out into space from Earth. This new perspective enabled everyone, not just those with a lifetime of physics and math study, to have a better understanding of our world. All of the artwork across the Cosmic Art collections are created from the same idea – using physics to view the Earth from a new perspective enables everyone to better appreciate the wonders within our universe.

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