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What is the Cosmic Guitar, and who created it?

The Cosmic Guitar is a revolutionary musical instrument developed by Cosmic Studio. It utilizes high-frequency electromagnetic wave resonances to achieve its unique tones.

How does the Cosmic Guitar differ from traditional guitars?

The Cosmic Guitar is analogous to an acoustic guitar but made out of metal instead of wood. Unlike traditional acoustic guitars though, the Cosmic Guitar generates music through electromagnetic waves rather than audible sounds. Unlike electric guitars, which electrically operate at the same frequencies of the sounds we hear, the Cosmic Guitar operates at a frequency range far higher than sounds we hear.

Can we hear the music produced by the Cosmic Guitar directly?

No, the human ear cannot detect the electromagnetic waves produced by the Cosmic Guitar. Further, the electromagnetic music operates at a time scale far faster than we can perceive. It requires a specialized app plugin to convert the music into audible sounds.

What does the app plugin do?
The app plugin takes input music and uses measurements from the Cosmic Guitar, along with the physics of electromagnetic wave interactions, to transform the modified music into something we can hear.
Do I have to play guitar to use the Cosmic Guitar?
No. The Cosmic Guitar modifies any input music, regardless of source. Use it on any live, generated, or recorded music including synths, bass, drums, vocals, and even guitars.
How do electromagnetic wave interactions work within the Cosmic Guitar?
Both acoustic and electromagnetic waves are similarly described in physics. Thus, like an acoustic guitar, electromagnetic waves resonate within the Cosmic Guitar top plate and body based upon the guitar materials and design. Further, traditional instruments achieve a sound based upon the interactions between a string and instrument. Similarly, the Cosmic Guitar uses a coaxial cable like a string, appropriately adapted, and the subsequent interactions with the instrument body contribute to the unique music it produces.
Can I customize the music generated by the Cosmic Guitar?
Yes, you can use the Cosmic Guitar app to adjust the physical properties of either the cable or the guitar itself using knobs, allowing you to create entirely new musical instrument tones.
Are there any limitations to what I can create with the Cosmic Guitar app?
The possibilities are vast, but the extent of customization may depend on your familiarity with the app and your creativity.
What types of music or genres work best with the Cosmic Guitar?
The Cosmic Guitar offers a wide range of possibilities and is versatile enough to adapt to various musical genres. Electromagnetic waves can have double the resonant modes compared to an acoustic instrument. In other words, traditional acoustic and electric instruments have only explored a portion of the true tonal possibilities musical instruments can offer. The Cosmic Guitar can be configured to give a warm and natural sound, akin to an acoustic. It can also be configured to overdrive the low E guitar string into a black hole of distortion when the signal hits the guitar amp while keeping the remaining higher octaves clear.
Is the Cosmic Guitar suitable for professional musicians or recording engineers?
Absolutely, the Cosmic Guitar introduces a unique element to music creation, making it appealing to both amateurs and professional musicians or recording engineers seeking great tone.
Where can I learn more about the Cosmic Guitar and its capabilities?
You can find more information, tutorials, and resources on the Cosmic Guitar and its app on the Cosmic Studio website or in the user manual provided with the instrument.
How can electromagnetic waves (light) possibly function like sound?

One source of difference between visible light and sound is the size of the waves. Visible light has tiny waves (~450 nm or 0.00002 in) while sounds we hear vary from 50 ft down to about half an inch. When light and sound waves have the same size behaviors are more consistent between the two. Bats are frequently said to “see” with sounds. Knowing what to do with a wave is more important than the type of wave. Similarly, the Cosmic Guitar “sounds” like a guitar when it uses waves the same size as those in a traditional guitar, even if those waves are electromagnetic waves we can’t normally see or hear.

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