Rho Ophiuchi

The Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex is the closest star-forming region to the Earth. It is a relatively small, quiet stellar nursery, but you’d never know it from the dramatic visuals in the Webb telescope close up.

Original source: NASA


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Cosmic Art reframes Cosmic Studio’s leading scientific advancements in plasma physics as art to provide a unique and unexpected view of the Earth. Each image is the direct result of software that provides our first accurate window into plasma dynamics in complex magnetic fields. The same tool is used by the ICON and COSMIC-2 satellites for research into ionospheric electrodynamics.

Ultra-modern with vivid colors. The artwork is printed on museum quality photo paper and face mounted to TruLife® acrylic glass so you’re looking through the acrylic at the artwork. The acrylic is optically clear (98% transmission) and includes glare reduction, scratch resistance, anti-static properties, enhanced UV protection (99%), and cleans like glass. The print has a rigid backing which includes an aluminum subframe for hanging so that the artwork ‘floats’ off the wall.
Our gallery canvas prints include a satin finish, a mirrored edge, are 1.5″ thick, and ready to hang.
Metal prints offer vibrant colors and a glossy enamel-like surface for a sleek and modern presentation that ‘floats’ off the wall. Crafted from panels of ChromaLuxe® aluminum, the images are permanently transferred to the metal using a high temperature and pressure sublimation process.

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All Cosmic Studio art products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, we will do everything we can to make it right. Please contact sales@cosmicstudio.io within 30 days of delivery to arrange for a refund or exchange.

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